Welcome to Mike Biotech Asia

Mike Biotech Asia is the young plant production division of the Mike Group of companies established in 2004.   Mike Biotech Asia is Sri Lanka’s modern and reliable plant biotech company, situated in heart of capital city of colombo Colombo.   The management by using their vast knowledge and experience in this field, is able to provide a stable foundation and achieve high success rates for all projects undertaken by Mike Biotech Asia.

Our plants are produced by in-vitro tissue culture technology, and our plants are derived from virus free meristem.

We are one of the AQIS approved laboratory, holds license to export plants into Australia.

Why Choose Mike Biotech Asia?



With the experience of more than 12 years in managing a broad range of genera, Mike Biotech has become a prime contributor to Global Tissue Culture Industry.



Our products are ensured to meet international standards, and exceed customer requirements. Quality assurance practices are established for every process to assure ongoing quality.



Developed long term association with customers for many different varieties, and successfully manage all tissue culture operations for timely delivery.



Offer tissue culture large scale plant production, based on customer specifications in wide range of varieties, and backed up with technical support for successful establishment.

Our Products

Flowering Plants


All our flowering plants are identical to mother plant, carries desired
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Ornamental Plants


Wide range of cultivars with excellent ornamental characteristics, which
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Edible Plants


Mike Biotech Asia plant clones are produced from selected mother plants,
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Aquarium Plants


Mike Biotech offers wide range of tropical aquarium plants of the highest
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