Work Capacity

Modern, well equipped state of the art
production facility with an annual
production capacity of
7 million plantlets.
Consist of 3 transfer rooms,
3 growth rooms and the
2 media preparation rooms etc.

Transfer Rooms
34 laminar air flow work stations installed with HEPA filter and UV facility along with sterile beads for tool sterilization. Air is fed by air handling unit through special filters and the used air is absorbed by suction pumps to control the contaminants from laboratory atmosphere.
Growth Rooms
Our plant growth rooms are designed to facilitate adequate environment for optimal growth. Temperature and the airflow controlled by main chiller and individual air handling units. Adequate lux intensity is given by florescent tube lights. Shelf space for 1 million plantlets, with possible expansion up to 1.2 million at one time.
Research and Development
The R&D section capable of carrying out experimental trials to implement the value of each product, and maintain their genetic stability. This section undertakes the standardization of initiation technology through high quality mother plants with the desired characteristics and produce best standardized products that exceed customer expectations.
Media Facility
Composed of 3 sterilization chambers and dedicated area for media storage. Our annual media production is over 20,000L. Distill water for the media preparation is filtered through Reverse Osmosis system.
Plant Nurseries
Controlled by nursery management system, with automated drip irrigation facility. Poly net houses cover an area of 1.2 hectares, used for weaning and plant production purposes.
The Laboratory operation is controlled by a Manager and Management Executives. In total, 53 skilled technicians have been employed to carry out day to day laboratory activities.